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Child sexual abuse (part 1)

Child sexual abuse which is also known as child molestation is a form of sexual abuse in which an adult or older adolescent uses a child for sexual stimulation,amusement and satisfaction.
The perpetrators of this crime are not just paedophiles,people who are just sexually attracted to children but also to child sexual offenders.Child sexual abuse is very common and rampant in the world today,a lot of abuses take place in schools daycare and even in some homes.
A lot of schools and daycare are aware of this heinous crime being perpetrated by their employees but they are rather concerned of protecting the image of their institutions while the innocent children suffer in silence,this is very disturbing and unacceptable.
Some parents are ignorant and insensitive when enrolling their children into a new school or when moving into a is the duty of a parent to make sure the environment is safe for the sake of the child wellbeing.
Forms of child sexual abuse
1)engaging in sexual activities with a child
2)touching the private organs(vagina,penis and female nipples)
3)child grooming
4)child sexual exploitation
5)child pornography
Things to take note as a parent
1) Before moving into a new environment,did you enquire if the environment is safe for child (environment where security is guaranteed and no reported cases of child molestors)
What type of neighbors are living there( men,women and adolescents)
2)What type of school am I enrolling my child,do they take child welfare seriously or not?
3)is the person staying or working with me able to contribute positively to my children’s physical and mental well-being (a relation,nanny and maid)
If parents start to take notice of this,the rate of child sexual abuse will reduce drastically.
Some parents are over occupied with other activities and hardly observe a change of behavior from their child,this is so saddening!
How to prevent a child from being sexually abused
In other to prevent your child from being sexually abused,you need to develop a very close and loving relationship with them.
1)Always encourage them to tell you everything going on in your absence,in schools and home,assure them of your love and protection.
2)lecture them about their private body parts and to confide in you immediately if anybody touches them there.
Children all over the world are suffering in silence,series of child sexual abuse cases which has resulted to even death has been reported and yet some countries have not passed strong laws against it,child welfare and other organizations are not paying enough attention.
Every child life matters.

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